The RED Canon Invades Haleiwa


Apparently Vincent Laforet just finished a stint in country shooting Jamie O’Brien. You may have noticed the remote control helicopter hovering over the line-up at Pipe last week, well, that was them. The neat part is that Vincent has outlined his gear and posted a few “behind the scenes” videos on his blog containing footage shot with the RED One and the Canon 5D MKII.

Laforet shot the original drool-inducing promo video for the Mark II. The short gave us photo nerds an exchangeable boner the first time we saw it, and had us scrambling towards the pre-order list. Needless to say, Vincent’s had some time to experiment with the camera and figure out how to maximize its capabilities. We’re going to heed his advice and order our ND filters tomorrow.


  • hmmmmmm photo nerds give time I’ll read and watch on.. comments later…art

  • Art, wow, thanks for the comment! Pretty humbled actually that you found your way to our little sliver of the Internet. Your comment actually made me realize that our perspective on the 5D mkII was not really explained, as it comes from more of a video standpoint rather than a photography standpoint.

    I’m a huge believer in film, and have the utmost respect for the craft, as well as those who continue to work with the medium. I continue to shoot film because I enjoy the process of printing, the archival benefits of having a physical copy, and the inherit aesthetic qualities that are unique to it. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to shoot film, especially in Hawaii. Our local camera shop no longer stocks film, development shops are closing, and the medium is moving further and further into the realm of vintage niche.

    As a studio, we primarily shoot digital for clients due to the lowered costs involved, and its workflow benefits. I’d argue that each situation is unique however, and it’s my view that digital cameras are just another tool at a photographer’s disposal. Some tools are better suited for some applications, and the decision should be made based on numerous considerations, including the workflow, delivery requirements, and desired results. Digital works very well for us in a production environment, however I almost exclusively choose film for personal projects.

    Digital photography has effectively lowered the price of admission, which has resulted in much scoffing by traditional film photographers, because now everyone is a “photographer”. But a great tool won’t make you a great photographer. In the end it’s the person wielding the tool that really matters.

    What really excites me about the Canon 5D MKII is that it has effectively lowered the price of admission for HD videography with quality exchangeable glass. My greatest beef with similarly priced models is that you are stuck with a fixed lens. Plus, these models are strictly video cameras. Sure, there are a host of concerns with the MKII, including effective audio capture, but the fact that I can throw any Canon lens I own, rent, or borrow onto the front and shoot is extremely exciting to me. It unlocks a world of potential that did not previously exist at this price point, and guess what, we can use it in our photography workflow as well.

    We will be reading and watching as well Art, and hopefully we’ll have some test footage of our own posted and available in the near future. By the way, your portrait on your site is bad ass.